Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Beginning of Hope

When people ask me about how Celebrate Recovery is going, I always have to say - it's about the life stories I hear that keep me rivited to this ministry.  When someone comes there is an openess to change.  Life has been difficult and one comes to a point where the way of life is no longer acceptable.  There is a feeling that something has to change!  And that is where we start - that is the beginning of HOPE.  We find in Celebrate Recovery there is hope for us and our situations.  As we meet with others in friendship and in worship, we gain a better perspective.  We begin to place our trust in God, and not ourselves, for the answers to our life problems.  And we find a whole lot more, because we realize we are not alone, there are people who care, and God loves us  in ways we never realized before!  We welcome you to come out on Friday nights!

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